About us

The story of Samago begins by founding Samago Prague, which quickly shapes itself as an ambassador of interests of Czech and Slovak producers in Croatia and Slovenia

The successful start of activity is connected with exporting of ingredients for paints and varnishes as well as with siliceous sand for the glass industry. The business grows by establishing Samago Zagreb, which achieves significant growth of turnover by satisfying, among else, up to 20% of sodium hydroxide demand in the Croatian market. Since 2003 we sell polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) on the Croatian market. Soon the overall year volume of sold ingredients increases to 4 000 tons.

The acquisition of Czech Lach-ner and Hungarian Reneal Labor, which are engaged in chemical products of high purity, accomplishes the first stage of business strategy in Central and Southern Europe.

Lach-ner exports laboratory chemicals to many European countries with the vision to achieve trough current affiliated companies, further acquisitions and as well as trough the net of distributors a relevant position in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, countries of former Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria. We intensively and successfully work on export to European Union countries.

Samago, as a starter of a business plan, continues to exist as a separate unit in chemical and nonchemical range without specific synergies. If you feel that we have common business interests and goals, we would be very pleased to build a further business and friendly relationship.